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    Thank you everyone! Your responses really helped, and I've been mulling over things for a few days.. I think I have a better understanding of my/our own style now. Rowan is definitely a bit out of place, especially when I look at historical usage, but I just loved it so much that it was hard to give up. Same with Pascal, I guess- I think it can work, but it's better as a middle.

    I definitely over-complicate things by insisting that each possible name be very very distinct. It's especially difficult because many of my favorite names sound quite similar to each other. But I refuse to use the same beginning or ending letter, and I don't even really want boys or girls to share the same middle initials. (I have no idea why it's okay across genders. It's just my craziness.)

    And to top it all off, I care a lot about meaning, including religious + personal/family associations.

    Here's our new list:


    Alina Grace
    Rosamond Eve
    Margaret Clare


    Theodore James
    Silas Emerick
    Joseph Pascal

    I'm just a wee bit hesitant about Joseph because I'm not in love with the meaning, but I can't find anything else that fits quite as well. Still open to suggestions for that one!
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    Oh, one more thing- I think I might have confused people with my talks of nicknames for Margaret... I definitely would not use the Scottish Mhairi as pronounced Vah-ree; that was an accident! What I meant is that I would likely use the first syllable of Margaret and attached an -ee to it, therefore Mari... not that weird, I think? It seems like a pretty intuitive homemade nickname, even for Marguerite. I happen to like the sound better than Maggie or Meg (standard nicknames that deviate quite a bit more from the actual, original name!).

    As for the Scottish talk, I just meant to say I'm aware that the resulting sound IS quite similar to the Scottish name Mairi, another form of Mary. I think this is a neat little connection, given our Scottish heritage, but it's mostly just a coincidence.

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    1. What do you think of the sibling set in general? Just hypothetically, if you did meet a family with these six names, what would your immediate impressions be?

    - Alina seems to stick out quite a bit, the boy set is spot on

    2. What do you think of the flow of the names? Any that stand out as particularly awkward? We have a 3 syllable last name, first syllable has the accent, starts with W.

    - Pascal is a lil awkward, too clunky & Rowan for a girl, plus the double W sound with the last name
    - also, you are forcing Pax out of this name, the sound really isnt there

    3. Which do you prefer, Pascal Kendrick or Pascal Kenneth, and why? Both mn's are honor names; so other suggestions are not really useful here.

    - Kendrick, different and strong

    4. What do you think of Pascal, really?

    - as above it is very awkward sounding, very clunky. would prefer to see a child literally named Passover just since it is more pleasing to the ear.

    5. Which do you prefer, Margaret Claire or Marguerite Claire? (Or Clare) I like both. Unfortunately my MIL really dislikes Margaret, saying it sounds harsh. I see her point, and I like the daisy meaning of Marguerite, but I think it's a bit too French for me.

    - Marguerite Claire. Margarita would be too much but Marguerite is elegant - therefore it need the elegant spelling of Claire - not stale 90s Clare

    6. Do you think the mix of linguistic backgrounds is a bit much, or does it feel okay

    - no, none of them (besides Rowan) stick out too much, they arent clearly representing a culture like Jose or Giovanni would

    Alina Grace - still dont see how Alina fits, the other two have the 'old lady' feel...and not in a good way
    Rosamond Eve - feels like grandmothers heavy stuffy fur coat - try Rosavine or Rosemarie
    Margaret Clare - i like Maggie, but not Margaret and together with Rosamond your girl sibset feels bogged down - much prefer Marguerite - its not too much, Margarita would be
    - also Mari/Mhari does not seem like the nickname for either of these names, while there may be name ties too Mary, the sound just isnt there


    Theodore James
    Silas Emerick
    Jonah Pascal

    - all your boy names INCLUDING JONAH have a 'old man' feel - in a good way, Jonah definitely fits
    - love this sibset
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    Sigh, girl names!

    I really love Alina and don't want to change it... it started out as a compromise because my first loves (Adelaide, Adele, etc) all contain the "del" sound, and that's a prominent part of our surname. Alina is a diminutive of the Adeline group, in addition to being a Slavic and Arabic name.

    After thinking about it, I found that I really like the nn "Lena," and I discovered that Alina is also Romanian for "to soothe, comfort." It has such a range of gorgeous meanings across many languages and cultures.

    However, I thought it had been in use for quite a while, and now I'm having trouble finding data to back that up... frustrating~!

    What would you pair with Alina, if that were the starting point? (For girls... I am not sure my girl and boy names will ever be perfect stylistic matches, but I think that's okay. I like sturdier, simpler names for boys, and slightly more eccentric ones for girls.)

    Other girl names I love: Mariana, Evangeline, Della, Delphine (out for the sounds), Amalia, Katharina/Kate, Magdalena, May, most Rose- names, Johanna, Charlotte, Dahlia
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    Rosamond Eve - lovely! I like this combo a lot
    Margaret Clare - still like this one
    Alina Grace - it sounds like you've thought a lot about this one. I guess the reason I'm not so fond of Alina is that it feels like one of a crowd of similar names (Alyiah, Elena, Alainna, etc.....on and on with various combinations of Al and El ending in the -a sound. It is a pretty sounding name, but it just doesn't feel special to me because there are so many like it. Helena would be my only suggestion, but it doesn't have the other things you like. Alina Delphine sounds nice or Alina Katherine.


    Theodore James - lovely
    Silas Emerick - oh, I like this a lot! I much prefer that to Kendrick
    Joseph Pascal - this is nice. Joseph is a great steady name, but if you're not sure what about Josiah?
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