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    Help me daydream! Mixing styles/cultures, Margaret vs. Marguerite...

    Husband and I don't even have a bun in the oven yet, but already we have roughly 3 names picked out for each gender, making 6 total!


    Silas Peter (nn Si)
    Theodore James (nn Theo)
    Pascal Kendrick or Pascal Kenneth (nn Pax)


    Alina Grace (nn Lina, pronounced Lee-nah)
    Rowan Emma (nn Ro)
    Margaret or Marguerite Claire (nn Mari/Mhari, which I know is a Scottish form of Mary, and is part of the reason I like this name!)

    I don't think it's all that likely we'll end up with 6 children... it's more about having a range to choose from when we actually meet the child. Hopefully one of the three will feel like it "fits" shortly after birth.

    All of the names have at least one piece (FN or MN) with layers of family/personal meaning, and the other piece is generally chosen for sound/beauty/linguistic meaning.

    I have a few questions as we ponder, though. Answer as many as you feel like

    1. What do you think of the sibling set in general? Just hypothetically, if you did meet a family with these six names, what would your immediate impressions be?

    It's not impossible that we might have quite a few kids eventually, and any names not used on the first baby would likely be in heavy consideration for the next. After all, I don't really have favorites among these; I love each one for different reasons.

    2. What do you think of the flow of the names? Any that stand out as particularly awkward? We have a 3 syllable last name, first syllable has the accent, starts with W.

    3. Which do you prefer, Pascal Kendrick or Pascal Kenneth, and why? Both mn's are honor names; so other suggestions are not really useful here.

    4. What do you think of Pascal, really? I adore this name, partly because my mother's maiden name was Easterday... if we have a baby boy near Easter, I will be lobbying hard for little Pax! But it's the least common (in the US) on my list, and my family finds it rather weird. None of them have ever met a Pascal. Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing your own location/background, that would be really helpful on this question.

    5. Which do you prefer, Margaret Claire or Marguerite Claire? (Or Clare) I like both. Unfortunately my MIL really dislikes Margaret, saying it sounds harsh. I see her point, and I like the daisy meaning of Marguerite, but I think it's a bit too French for me.

    Several of our names already have French usage/French feels, but that's more or less an accident... we take them from the Dutch/German usage. We are Germanic + Scottish in background.

    6. Do you think the mix of linguistic backgrounds is a bit much, or does it feel okay?

    Thanks so much for your thoughts.

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