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    I think it's a great name. I can picture a baby, a young child, a teenager and it would also suit an adult (one that works in an office during the day but rocks out in the weekend). Don't worry, it's a great name!!

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    Thanks everyone for the responses so far!

    I guess I should have clarified in my original post. I do know about Lachlan's popularity in Australia, but seeing as how we're halfway around the world and I doubt that a son of mine would end up living there (I've read that Australia has some of the strictest immigration laws of any country), it's somewhat of a non-issue for me.

    I find it really interesting that a lot of you picture a lighter-haired boy. I kind of thought that everyone would expect to see a dark haired boy when they heard the name Lachlan, but obviously that's not the case. I can easily see a toddler/child Lachlan and an adult Lachlan, but I struggle more trying to visualize an infant or teenage Lachlan. Anybody have more ideas about those?

    @ebenezer.scrouge: The pronunciation of Lachlan actually makes perfect sense. It was originally the Scottish name for someone from Norway, which they called "land of the lochs," loch being pronounced lock, thus Lochlan or Lachlan.

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    I know what it means but I have seen comments on Behind the name and other sites saying "it should be pronounced Lack-lan" i have always pronounced it that way. Like Lockie and Lachy are pronounced the same.
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