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    Is there a solution?

    Hi I have tried so hard to figure this out by myself but I can't and after discovering this site just recently I'm hoping maybe I can find the answer here. I am so impressed with the level of thought and discussion that goes into finding the perfect name for the most precious gift we are given.

    We named our beautiful, cheeky, smart love of our lives 26 month old girl Emma Josephine. Middle name after my late mother first name my husbands favourite. Anyway our surname is two words beginning with v and then L. I've just started joining her up to activities and some people have pointed out her initials without her middle name is EVL.

    This did not even occur to me and I feel absolutely sick with worry that If people are pointing it out now what is going to happen when she starts school? How silly are we that we didn't think of this in the first place?!!!! My husband and friends all tell me not to worry that there is nothing that can be done now and kids will will get teased about anything. I understand this to a point but aren't we better trying to come up with a solution now and possibly prevent the obvious evl teasing? I know she could sign her initial EJVL but how many people use their middle name?

    She knows her name and I do not want to change it but was thinking of away to add a first name that flows nicely with Emma Josephine so she could still get called Emma or ? Something Emma and she could decide what she prefers down the track? Or should I just leave It and hope for the best ?( which is what I have been trying to so for the last few months but it is clearly not working for me?!)

    I need to fix it somehow and really appreciate your suggestions. My husband said we could join our surname and make it one word so her initial would just be EV but technically this is just not right either.

    Appreciate your feedback x

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    First, I have to say I love Emma Josephine! I think its absolutely beautiful!

    Next, I would encourage you not to worry so much. When I was a kid I rarely used my initials. Whenever I did, I always included my middle initial just because I thought I should. I work at an elementary school, and only the kids who are juniors ever use their initials (like RJ would be Raul Jr., etc.). Even then I can only think of maybe three. The rest of the kids I've never put any thought into their initials, and neither do my coworkers, or students. In fact, I've never seen one of my students being teased because of their initials.

    Also, to "prepare" for the use of her initials if she needs to, I had two friends in college who shared the same first name, Katie. One's last name was two words of V- and B-, similar to Van Burien, but she went by Katie V., not Katie VB. I really think if you prepared her to use EJVL or just EJV or EV those would be acceptable and accurate initials.

    Honestly, initials don't bother me unless they are REALLY bad, like ASS or STD. I really wouldn't have otherwise noticed, and I really don't think they're something to worry too much about.

    I hope this helps to give you an idea and ease your mind!
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    My mom realized the same thing on the way to register my brothers the birth certificate so she added in another middle name (originally it was 4 initials for first name, middle name, 2 for last name -double barrelled surname). the initials spelt out a word without a bad association and as the middle was in honor of a family member it wasn't an option to change it.
    idk what to say but my brother has 2 middles as oppose to the rest of us and it was never an issue.
    Will it come up, probably... is it a big issue? I don't think so... did anyone in school notice? no

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    EVL could stand for 'Evolve', which is what you might request of anyone who suggests your child is evil because of her initials.

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    My initials are BS (as in the curse), so I always use one or both of my middle initials. Usually I write BCS, sometimes include the second middle, and then it isn't a problem.

    I don't think you need to change her name (which is gorgeous, btw). Just teach Emma to look at them with a polite but mystified expression and say, "Of course it isn't, it's EJVL." But writing EV probably makes sense for now.

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