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    Aww, it's normal to have doubts at times. I did. I just started my sophomore year as a pre-nursing major, and the idea of college used to scare me so bad. At orientation, I didn't have the best advice given to me. I talked with some people in the nursing program and they were huge jokesters who had that same high school senior terrorizing freshmen mentality. I found out later that some of what they told me wasn't really true. In any case, one thing they did say was right: College is a different ballgame than high school. It is toughter, and that's the point of it. It's totally possible though! I believe you can do have to apply yourself, get help when you need it (don't be afraid to ask for it!), go to classes, ask questions, take notes, look up what you don't know, study ALOT, and learn stress relieving methods. The ones that made the most difference to me were:

    1) ask for help when you need it: i feel like this applies to anything, any major, or any task. there is no shame in seeking help and sometimes that is just what you need...someone may have a different way of doing something that you never thought of and it helps you understand what to do. Also, use campus resources. I'm not sure what things your campus has to offer, but mine has several tutoring places on campus for general subjects and also specific ones (like we have a psychology resource center, one for math, etc.).

    2. study: People aren't kidding when they say you will be studying the hours equivalent to a part time or full time job. In a normal week, I spend a good 40+ hours studying..and I'm at 13 credit hours this semester. When it comes to finals and midterms, that goes up. Which reminds me, take care of yourself. Get sleep, please! I have insomnia and will study till i drop, and get around 2 hours a night of sleep. Don't be like me lol. Also, eat as well as you can! Especially during cold/flu season.

    3. stress relieving techniques: for me, i found a college-age youth group that meets late one night a week. We act like little kids most of the time, but that's one time a week when we are able to. The laughter helps you loosen up I also spend a day or so every week or two with my friends from campus. We study together or just talk and that helps alot as well. Other stress relievers for me: cleaning (especially after studying for a few hrs straight), taking walks, watching music videos or listening to music in general, talking to my family, reading a book for fun...things like that.

    I can't give you much other advice than that, because everyone else has already given you a ton of wonderful advice and perspectives College is a time in your life where you can learn so much about life, yourself, and much more. It's gonna be hard at times but it's doable you aren't alone in this.. It's quite a ride but it's gonna be so worth it good luck!!
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