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    I'm a freelance the moment I do a weekly feature for a paper and web/brochure copy as well as ghostwriting. I have both clients that need that minimalistic style and those that prefer "flowery." I think one of the biggest things you'll learn at university is how to cater your writing style to the job. You will need a tough skin as you learn to take edits/feedback. It can be disheartening, but it comes with the territory both in school and when your editor sends something back to you with half of it crossed out. It happens to us all and sometimes you have to step back and disconnect your work from your self worth or you'll lose it.

    Bottom line: the same things that make you a good creative writer can make you an excellent journalist, but you have to know how to make that shift. The formula becomes second nature after awhile, especially in a program like the one you're entering.

    I'm just getting back to work post baby now, but feel free to message me if you have other questions or want to chat about writing.
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