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Thread: Madalyn

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    Red face Madalyn

    Thoughts on the name Madalyn? What spelling variation of this name do you prefer?

    I would want the name to be pronounced with "Lynn" at the end instead of "Line"

    Does it sound OK with our surname? Wright

    I'm really starting to love this name..possible new favorite!!
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    I'd spell it Madelyn if you only want the -lynn pronunciation, though some people will still goof it up. It just happens. I dislike Madalyn because it looks like a misspelling.

    My favorite is Madeleine, which is pronounced Mad-eh-len, though I'm also fond of Madeline with either the -lynn or -line pronunciation.

    I think Madelyn Wright sounds great, and Madeleine Wright looks elegant and lovely.

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    The only spelling of it that I like is Madeleine. And I prefer the mad-a-line pronunciation, but I've heard that spelling pronounced both ways.
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    I'd spell it Madelyn if you want the best odds of people pronouncing it the way you want. Madelyn Wright is great!

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