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    Judith, NN Judy
    Suzie, Susie, and Suki - via Susan, Suzanne, and Suzette (Susanna would be the most currently stylish but I don't think of it as the most '50s)
    Sarah NN Sally - Sally feeling more '50s to me than Sadie which feels a bit older.
    Bonnie, and Bonita
    Elizabeth or Beatrice, NN Betty/Bette/Bettie
    All the -ette names feel '50s to me (Claudette, etc) but not all of them feel happy.
    Tammy feels very cheerful to me and I like it but a lot of people hate it.
    Cynthia or Lucinda, NN Cindy
    Katharine NN Kitty
    Florence NN Florrie/Flossie
    Elizabeth NN Birdie

    Yeah, Sally, Susie, Betty, Kitty, Cindy... it's the diminutives that make them adorable.

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