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    1st baby! Opinions on our list please!

    We're about 9 weeks away from having our first baby, and now that it's coming up I'm finding myself more indecisive than ever!

    Would love to hear your first impressions, associations, what kind of person you picture with these names... Etc. any feedback is welcome! We only have a few boys names, but the girls names are all over the place. Also open to suggestions! Middle name will be my maiden name (3 syllables), and last name is 1 syllable and starts with B.



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    Dahlia, Sabrina, and Veronica all give me a fairly sophisticated old-Hollywood impression. Caroline feels a little more cozy (in a good way, to me), and Brigitte feels sweet and elegant.
    My favorite is Caroline, though Dahlia's a surprising and charming choice.

    Colin, Nicholas, and Luke are all fantastic, but the one I'm most tickled to hear is Colin. I'm so fond of it, and it feels very underused to me. Cole is another favorite.

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    Brigitte--love it, but not if your surname starts w/B. I have RR initials and it's embarrassing to have a name that sounds cartoonish.
    Dahlia--lovely, dramatic
    Caroline--sweet, classic, country
    Veronica--nice, but a tad dated

    Colin--too close to colon it!
    Luke --another fave

    Perhaps Zachary, Cabot, Collin, Alexander, Jack, Cole

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    Brigitte -- I like it a lot! Pretty and different without being too unfamiliar.
    Dahlia -- I'm not a fan of flower names, just NMS. Also, because I've never actually heard the name Dahlia on a real person, the first thing that came to mind was "the Black Dahlia." Not pleasant.
    Caroline -- Lovely and classic.
    Sabrina -- Seems dated.
    Veronica -- Ditto.

    Colin -- Love it.
    Nicholas -- Nice enough, but somewhat boring IMO.
    Luke -- I like it, but I'd rather see it as a nickname. I think it would be more versatile that way.

    If you're planning on having more children, I think Caroline and Nicholas would fit together nicely. However, my favorite names from your lists are Brigitte and Colin. Good luck!

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    My favorites are Veronica & Dahlia for a girl. I like Caroline and Sabrina, but they aren't as nice as Veronica or Dahlia; I know so many Carolines! Sabrina is just... I don't know, boring? It's not my style but it isn't bad. If your last name starts with a B, Brigitte won't sound very good. And I don't really like the name.
    All your boy choices are good. I like Luke the best. But I really like Nicholas and Colin too. Nicholas is classic and ages well. Colin is more modern, but not in a bad way, in a cool kid way.
    I hope that helped. Congrats and good luck!
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