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    Our final four :)

    We've narrowed it down to two girl names & two boy names (gender is a surprise). Our choices are final, just need help decision making, lol.

    *GIRL- Kapri or Kyndree (pronounced Kin-dree)?

    *BOY- Kaedom (pronounced Kay-dom) or Kendin?

    Our previous children have K names, also.
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    Kapri and Kaedom
    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Kapri and Kaedom
    Exactly this .
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    NMS all the way around but Kyndree is...terrible. Sorry. Multiple badly trendy themes going on there with the y and the ee ending.
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    I wouldn't use Kaedom, unless you homeshool. That last syllable sounds rather like dumb (or will be pronounced that way), and that's a very bad label for a kid to deal with at school. Perhaps Kendrick, Kendall, Kalin, Keith, Kevin, Kyle, Kade, Keane, Kit, Kelso (again...the dumb connotation, but maybe his classmates won't have seen the tv show).

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