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    Brother for Edward and Oliver: Alexander, Arthur or Sebastian

    We are expecting a baby October 14th and are really stuck on boys names. A baby boy's middle name will be Henry after my grandfather. After months of back and forth and going through thousands of baby names, not to mention my years of namenerdery, we have settled on a short list of Alexander, Arthur and Sebastian but are not really sold on any of them. This is starting to panic me as Edward (our two year old Edward "Teddy" Thaddeus) and Oliver (our angelbaby) came to us early in our previous pregnancies and always seemed perfect. We would appreciate feedback on Alexander, Arthur and Sebastian, especially positive feedback and info from personal experiences with these names.

    Nickname possibilities are important to us so if anyone has suggestions for unique or unusual nicknames as well those would be appreciated.

    FYI: If the baby is a girl she will be Adelaide Gisele.

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    My fave by far is Alexander! Then of course you could call him Alex. Arthur is good too but I'm not a fan of sebastion. Also if nicknames are important to you I can't find a decent nickname for Sebastian.
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    'First of all congats

    Second I love , LOVE your sons names , espessially Edward !!

    Edit : I didnt see Henry line. Then I vote to either Sebastian Henry or Alexander Henry.

    The list :

    All of them are gorgeous !!

    My favorites are Alexander ( a lil biased ) & Sebastian ( another favorite )

    Ι find Arthur a little more old fashioned than the others .

    Some personal experience :

    Alexander : the name of my BF . Every Alexander I have met are Handsome , clever and very friendly . Its a bit popular but its such a classic & stunning name !! nn Alex , Xander / Zander , Andy .

    Sebastian : I just love that name . It sounds so handsome & elegant . I love nn Seb , Bas / Baz or Bastian .

    Arthur : I like the assosiation with King Arthur but i cant picture it on a lil baby . Also it doesnt have any nn expect maybe Ari or Art.

    Have you thought about any middles ??
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    I love Arthur with your kids' names. What a handsome choice—and I like the nn Art.

    Edward, Oliver, Arthur and Adelaide. That fits so beautifully. (I know it'd be Adelaide or Arthur this time, but she might show up as part of the sibset later.)
    Teddy, Oliver and Art.

    I like Sebastian and Alexander, but Arthur Henry's captured my heart.

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    I think Teddy and Alex sounds really cute together, but they are all good!

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