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    Daddy's opinion often Has a lot of sway with little girls. I have name that has more than 1 common nickname. My Mom wanted to use one of the nicknames and my Dad the other. I can best illustrate by example though this is not my actual name.

    The given name - Victoria Anne. Dad liked Vicky and Mom wanted to use Tori. I used both when small but by the time I reached school age, I chose Dad's nickname because his opinions held more sway than my Mom's at the time. Mom still calls me Tori but the world knows me as Vicky.
    I have never liked my dad's nn for me, and his choice of a middle name for me was going to be petrova. heck no.

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    I think Maple is adorable. Really, I think only by testing it out will you be able to find out what will happen. I think if you call her Maple, and Bay calls her Maple, and the world calls her Maple, Marguerite will feel like a special nn from Dad. I think if you and OP agree to have Bay call her Maple, then everyone will call her Maple. I think if Bay calls her Marguerite it will be like Maple is a special nn you have for her that everyone else shouldn't use.
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    I think that'd be fine! I think the non-nicknamers like your husband will say Marguerite, and I think the nicknamers will call her Maple (or May or Mags if they're feeling creative—I sometimes play with nns for fun, even if I generally call the person by their family's preferred name/nn). And honestly, even if it is just your special name for her, that will be a lovely thing to share.

    Get her a cutesy little onesie with a maple leaf.

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    I think you should just name her Maple.
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