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    Quote Originally Posted by rhiatayler View Post
    Might I ask what the nn is?

    I think if you consistently call her by the nn, and intoduce her by her nn, then most people will use the nn you want. You might have to remind people here and there that although her name is Marguerite, she goes by ________.
    See if the little girl's daddy is calling her Marguerite I think it might me difficult to politely correct people. Also that will go out the window if she begins to introduce herself by Marguerite. Whether she uses the nickname at all depends I think on how intent the OP is on using the nickname. My hubby likes nicknames and I prefer the full name. Because I'm always using the full name he finds himself using it as well.

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    I have had many names on my list that my hsuband could not agree on the pronunciation of. I asked several people for their take on names that parents do not say the same and the impression I get from people who grew up with each parent saying the name differently or calling them by different names is that it is no big deal. so, since it ultimately matters what your child feels about it, I think that solves one issue.

    As for the issue of how YOU feel about it, I don't think your concerns about the nickname need to worry you unless the nickname is also three syllables. Ultimately i would hope your child gets to decide one day what she prefers to be called, and you will be ok with whatever her choice is. in the meantime, if i was in your shoes, the only thing that would bother me is not having my own preference officially represented in the naming. in my case i was able to find a middle ground by settling on a first name that i really like but am not in love with because i found a middle name i am in love with that makes the two names wonderful together.

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    I tend to agree with io and Gwensmom. Unless you are adamant about the nn when someone says it wrong. Then again, your dd might just be the one to choose for you. Kids do that

    Is it maisie? I know that is a nn for Margaret, so that is the first name I thought of.

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    I think this is workable based on my personal experience but I'm not sure I would count on it...if you *need* it to be so. My daughter's name is Bened1kte and she is pretty much exclusively called Bea (or the German diminutive Biechen) by her father and exclusively Biechen by her paternal grandparents. I can call her all three. Bea is not super intuitive to Bened!kte but reasonable and has a nice family story behind it. No one ever bats an eye when we introduce her as Bened1kte but qualify that she is often called Bea. Now in Canada, Biechen is extremely difficult to pronounce for English speakers the "chen" sounds like "hee-en" with a gutteral utterance (I hope this makes some sense), but even so, it poses no problems and it is kind of cute listening to all her English family try to say it. I think Marguerite is just gorgeous and a reasonable nickname will likely catch on, even if it is not the most expected one, especially if it starts with M. (No one ever calls our daughter Bennie).

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    Awww Biechen is adorable, kkrvf. I'm also German living in Canada
    To the OP: My little sister is A!sha nn Uschi (pushy without the p). Completely un-intuitive, but the family and anyone around the family for long enough uses it if you call her that, others will too, but maybe it would be better to just pick a full name you love.
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