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    Or, as per plentypk's suggestion, you could go with something more Slavic. Like Anka or Anushka. Of course Anushka is not a short form, but it certainly is a nickname!
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    Yella was the first thing that came to mind, but I also like Nell and Nellie. Yan?

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    I love nn Nellie, especially because it still honors your greatgrandmother, to me Anya seems like its own individual name more than a nickname, but I do really like it either way. I imagine both would be great once she enters school and it is a name she could easily ask her teachers to call her, which might not work as well for nn's Yella or Yell (even though I love these too! Like the French band Yelle) xx
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    Anja is pronounced differently in different cultures...
    I know it's pronounced An-yah in European countries
    but I think it is pronounced Uhn-jah in Brazil.... which is why I suggested the spelling
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    how about Ani, pronounced Ahn-ee..

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