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  • Annabella Maye

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  • Annabella Mae

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    Middle name poll for our baby girl?

    My hubby and I decided on name for our little girl. We are going to call her Annabella Maye/Mae. It flows well with our surname, and my mom's middle name was Mae and my grandma's and great grandma's middles names were May. Of the more traditional spellings we would use Mae. However I really like the idea of spelling her middle Maye it combines both ways my mom's and grandma's are spelled, and I like the fact that it isn't quite as common of a spelling. It isn't really an alternative spelling as people have been using this spelling for years just less frequently so it isn't weird to me. I am leaning towards Maye for the sentimental factor; however I am a little curious what other people think. So what should it be, Annabella Maye or Annabella Mae??

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    Annabel Mae would be my first choice, though. Feminine and cute without being frilly.

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