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    Thanks for the ideas everyone! My dad has started calling her "AJ" which is super cute. I really love Ani and Anja. But I also love the more creative replies like Yellow That would certainly fit her sunshiney personality.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful suggestions!

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    Why not sunny, then? It isn't intuitive, but it fits her personality. Those are the best nns!

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    I like Annie.
    I agree with the post that says Anya... it is European and keeps the nickname stylistically intact.

    I was also thinking Anja.
    I think it is either pronounced Uhn-jah.
    Which would incorporate the Aniella and the Juniper

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    How about: Anya, Anne, Annie, Nila? I do like Ella though, very much indeed

    Uh... I love AJ as a nickname. Great idea!
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    why does she have to have a nickname?

    especially with honor names it really seems to defeat the purpose

    just call her Ahn-yell-a
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