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    Thank you! It's a great name. I like that you like it too I'm sorry for adding an S to Well! I guess I just read it fast!


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    I think most people would mistake Well as Wells because it's the more common form of the surname. Harvey might be the better option - it'll pass the Party Test better than Well would.

    Androgynous/not frilly, G, J or M, hmm...

    Georgia Harvey
    Morgan Well/s
    Jules Harvey - androgynous nicknames could be a good option for you
    Emma Harvey - or Gemma Harvey for that matter
    Jackie Well/s - or Jacqueline, but that might be too frilly for you
    Jessie Well/s - or Jesse, but that spelling's a bit more masculine

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    Georgia came to my mind too! Jules Harvey is great, I love it.

    Meredith Harvey
    Clara Harvey
    Julia Well
    Alex Harvey
    Eli Wells
    Jean Wells

    By the way, in choosing between Well, Wells, and Harvey, you might want to go walk around a few bookstores and libraries at the places where your books might be shelved (whether that's among fantasy writers, or YA, or YA-series, etc) and notice how many Wells, Wellses and Harveys there are. My guess is the H section would be less crowded, but honestly I couldn't rightly say.

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    Genevieve Harvey was my first thought.

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    Juliet/Jane/Kyoko* Wells.

    *i know some people who spell Kyoko as Kyouko.

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