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    How would you pair these? Twin boys

    The title says it all. These are the names that we've come up with but are unsure on how to pair them.

    I do apologize the list is long but we won't be finding out genders until birth and we want to make sure that we have options in case the name doesn't fit.

    Caleb Augustine
    Cyrus Abraham
    Daniel Balin
    Elijah Christian
    Ethan Cyrus
    Ezra Charles
    Jonah Henry
    Jonathon Harvey
    Lucas Jeremiah
    Malachi Kenan
    Micah Kilian
    Moses Kieran
    Noah Lawrence
    Peter Nicholas
    Silas Quentin
    Thomas Rupert
    Timothy Robert
    Tobias Raymond
    Mom to Isaiah to Zachariah

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