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    O.K. Just once more.. Anna vs. Caroline Pros/cons-

    Still throwing Anna around However, I must admit that the fact this is the only name left still floating in my head right now, besides Caroline... Amazes me (I have come a long way )LOL! So, originally we had thought of naming this baby girl (due in Nov. ) Anna Caroline (or Anna-Caroline). Which I do love. I am from the south, and love old, Southern, timeless, elegant names... and I do feel that fits the bill pretty nicely.. Still I never felt 100% on board. Then decided to go with Caroline Augusta Jane. Which I do love, but now, I must say... I am kind of missing Anna (I have always had a soft spot for Anna, love the meaning, and the biblical story of Anna)..... Augusta must remain in the name, and not sure how I feel about Anna Caroline Augusta..... So... will you please once more, give me your thoughts on these two, which you prefer and why.
    Thanks so much!!!
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    Hello, dear.

    I love Caroline Augusta Jane, it seems to have all the elements you're looking for, but Anna is gorgeous as well. I've always loved the name Anna too. Its so beautiful and so simple.

    Anna Caroline Augusta is very sweet and southern to me, and as much as I absolutely adore Caroline, I have to say I love Anna more.

    It conjures up such a warm, sunny image for me.

    I also think Annalee Augusta Jane nn Anna is super adorable and very southern belle.
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    I love Anna more, would Anna Augusta Caroline work?

    I don't love Caroline, I quite like Carrie as a nn, but there's nothing amazing about Caroline for me. Anna however, I absolutely adore, which is odd as I pretty much hate any other name containing Anna, but just Anna is beautiful to me!

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    Anna-Caroline is lovely, but I think I'm in favor of Caroline Augusta Jane.
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    I prefer Anna! Caroline Augusta Jane is gorgeous, but Anna is more my style. It is soft, sweet, lovable. I think Anna Augusta Jane is gorgeous!

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