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    Personality Quiz CAF With Large Namebanks

    Name your family in FOUR STEPS

    STEP ONE: Complete the Quiz! For each question, choose the answer that best describes you.

    1) Your dream home would be...
    A - clean, neat, and well-organized
    B - a stately old house, yet cozy and comforting
    C - decorated in an interesting way
    D - decked out with the latest technology and brand new appliances
    E - ecologically sound and sustainable

    2) A project you'd like to do is...
    A - digitize your family photos and medical records
    B - research your family history
    C - paint a mural or learn a new language
    D - update your music collection to include lots of brand new songs
    E - create a community food garden in your neighborhood, complete with compost

    3) Your dream vacation would involve...
    A - a balanced schedule of exercise, sight-seeing, and entertainment
    B - a visit to a historic landmark or beloved old place
    C - a journey to a country you've never visited, with room for spontaneity
    D - a cruise
    E - spending as much time as possible in nature

    4) You hope your kids will be...
    A - responsible, hard-working, and clever
    B - respectful, well-mannered and well-educated
    C - curious and creative
    D - social and fun-loving
    E - connected with the natural world

    5) Your best subject in school was...
    A - Math or Chemistry
    B - History or Literature
    C - Art or Foreign Language
    D - Social Studies, Home Economics, or Physical Education
    E - Biology or Agriculture

    6) As a parent, you're good at...
    A - establishing and enforcing rules, schedules, and guidelines
    B - passing down traditions while encouraging individuality
    C - inventing bedtime stories and creative projects
    D - making sure your kids have plenty of other kids to play with - and making friends with the kids' moms!
    E - fostering a sense of joy in helping the Earth and appreciating the simple things in life

    STEP TWO: Find out how many children you have. Use this die: Virtual Dice You may choose to roll once or twice, depending on how many children you want.

    STEP THREE: Find out what gender your children will be. Roll for each child - even = girl, odd = boy

    STEP FOUR: Name your kids using the appropriate name bank(s)!

    If you answered mostly As, choose your names from Name Bank A:
    girls - Hannah, Sophie, Olivia, Julia, Amanda, Sarah, Rachel, Charlotte, Madeline, Caitlyn, Allison, Emily, Emma, Grace, Elizabeth, Lindsey, Anna, Molly, Danielle, Abigail, Chloe, Theresa, Kristen, Caroline, Hillary, Samantha, Jessica, Zoe, Nora, Schuyler
    boys - Daniel, Joshua, Jacob, Noah, Lucas, Owen, Perry, James, Alexander, Matthew, Victor, Elliott, Jonathan, Caleb, William, Benjamin, Casey, Robert, Charles, Christopher, Paul, Thomas, Aaron, Adam, Timothy, David, Samuel, Michael, Nathan, Stephen, Zachary, Joseph, Wyatt

    If you answered mostly Bs, choose your first names from Name Bank B (below) and choose middle names to honor family members.
    girls - Hattie, Ada, Lucy, Stella, Marie, Beatrice, Adelaide, Kate, Jane, Rose, Nora, Eleanor, Penelope, Eloise, Alma, Cora, Rosalie, Maureen, Susan, Eliza, Viola, Scarlett, Maisie, Hester, Karen, Louisa, Matilda, Juliet, Imogen, Iris, Celia, Alice, Josephine
    boys - Atticus, Walter, Sebastian, Timothy, Raymond, August, Oliver, Asa, Holden, Whitney, Ashley, Nathaniel, Leopold, Rhett, Elijah, Tobias, Jude, Maxwell, Holden, Julius, Orson, Hugh, Wendell, Peter, Donald, Francis, Gulliver, Silas, Abbott

    If you answered mostly Cs, choose your names from Name Bank C:
    girls - Zora, Azalea, Frida, Oriana, Pippilotta, Aviana, Juno, Nova, Freja, Lorelei, Junia, Domino, Aurelia, Saga, Evelina, Zosia, Allegra, Calliope, Andromeda, Veda, Zadie, Clementine, Crimson, Gaia, Margot, Artemis, Seraphina, Willamina, Harmony, Leora, Wise, Caraway
    boys - Augusten, Story, Caledon, Spiridon, Luka, Valentine, Moses, Indigo, Mateo, Ezra, Jasper, Tavish, Lysander, Evander, Orion, Wilder, Cyrus, Caspian, Homer, Ulysses, Micah, Elihu, Phineas, Goodwin, Leander, Andreas, Elvis, Atlas, Arlo, Ulrich, Peregrine, Rufus, Guthrie, Satchel

    If you answered mostly Ds, choose your names from Name Bank D:
    girls: Shiloh, Asia, Brooke, Brooklyn, Kayla, Sawyer, Kendall, Kinley, Paige, Peyton, Harper, Piper, Isla, Presley, Ava, Jolie, Madison, Vivian, Krystal, Francesca, Hayley, Everly, Linley, Lilah, Bella, Regan, Trista, Cassidy, Hope, Faith, Gracelyn, Camryn, Emerson
    boys: Jayden, Maddox, Mason, Paxton, Liam, Jared, Hunter, Brantley, Kasen, Lincoln, Dexter, Rhys, Jax, Colton, Ryder, Xander, Brayden, Camden, Jonas, Brent, Jax, Finn, Teague, Bennett, Trevor, Chase, Sullivan, Mykel, Cole, Easton

    If you answered mostly Es, choose your names from Name Bank E:
    girls: Luna, Chesapeake, Mist, Juniper, Hope, Valley, Linnet, Wangari, Tierra, Aspen, Wren, Paloma, Ariel, Serena, Prairie, Meadow, Laurel, Flora, Bay, Clover, Calla, Zinnia, Sierra, Savannah, Jade, Aurora
    boys: Ray, Eagle, Birch, Comet, Chico, Oak, Wolf, Fox, Bear, Forrest, Tree, Grove, Canyon, Cedar, Lark, Linden, Falcon, Bright, West
    girls or boys: River, Star, Sky, Rain, True, Phoenix, Storm, Starling, Ocean, Mississippi, Paz, Chatauqua, Thunder, Lightning, Snow, Breeze

    If you chose a broad combination of answers, use names from all 5 name banks. Most importantly, have fun!!!

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