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  • Blair Violet

    12 13.19%
  • Isobel/Isabel Seraphine

    32 35.16%
  • Adele Ivy

    9 9.89%
  • Ivy Christine

    27 29.67%
  • Audrey Marlena

    11 12.09%
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    I actually don't like Seraphine. I have been seeing it all over the boards and I don't get the appeal.
    I think Adele will (at least for a number of years still) have the association with the singer - that is fine right now while she continues to be a classy lady, hopefully she never has a breakdown & goes the way so many celebrities do.
    And I think Christine is too blah compared to your other faves.
    I LIKE Blair. Blair Violet might be my top pick (if you have second thoughts about Blair, maybe Brinn would suit?)
    I prefer Isobel to Isabel & think it is very pretty - I would love it paired with Violet or Marlena!
    And Audrey Marlena is just beautiful.
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    Isobel is one of the most beautiful names I know, if not the most beautiful! Isobel Seraphine might be the most perfect combo I've seen in a loong period of time.

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    I didn't vote, as II'm very stuck between Isobel/Isabel Seraphine and and Audrey Milena. Both are absolutely gorgeous.
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    Initally, I was going to choose Audrey Marlena (I just think Marlena is cute), but after reading what you wrote about your step-children's names and your and DH's feelings about each combo, I changed to Ivy Christine. I think Ivy sounds lovely with Stella, Emma and Josiah, and I prefer Christine as the more grounded middle name over Seraphine, though I do really like Isobel (with an O!) and Seraphine. I have a thing for -ine names in the middle spot either way.

    If I were going to make any combo out of the names you suggested, I would do Adele Christine or Adele Seraphine. Adele is a beautiful name, and I don't think the singer can take all the credit for that. Plus, it's not a name like Cher or Madonna or Aretha - it's always been in wide enough use that you wouldn't immediately associate the two. Plus, Adele shares some sounds with Emma and Stella, and I think they go together gorgeously.

    Other potential combos:

    Isobel Nadine
    Isobel Maxine
    Adele Josephine
    Adele Caroline
    Adele Jacqueline
    Ivy Delphine
    Ivy Madeline

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