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  • Blair Violet

    12 13.19%
  • Isobel/Isabel Seraphine

    32 35.16%
  • Adele Ivy

    9 9.89%
  • Ivy Christine

    27 29.67%
  • Audrey Marlena

    11 12.09%
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    I voted for Ivy Christine, although Ivy Seraphim (as suggested above) is pretty too. Adele would be my second choice. Isabel and its variations seem very common to me, much more common than the names of your other children. Blair seems to unisex when your other daughters have such sweet names.

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    I love Adele Ivy and Audrey Marlena. The Isobel variations are too trendy right now and I'm not a fan of the names Christine or Blair.
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    Thanks for the input!
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    Ivy Seraphine would be my pick. I do like the idea of keeping the -ine middle for your third girl. This name would be similar (same # syllables, first and middle) yet different.

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    that was tough! I went with Isobel Seraphine but I really like Ivy too. Ivy Seraphine sounds great. Marlena is wonderful too
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