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    I like Cora or Ruby, but love how spunky little Ruby sounds with her big sister's names. Good luck!
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    I like Cora the most of the names you suggested, at least to go with Ella and Zara. I think Ruby is spunkier than your girls' names, and Willow is more hippy (not in a bad way - I love nature names). I like Rosa as well, but Cora better. Honestly though, I think Cora and Rosa are very similar to Zara, Willow sounds too close to Ella, and Ruby just doesn't go.

    I would suggest Luna, Jessa, Dina, Tessa, Nina, Maya, Meena, and Nola. I like the feminine, soft, modern, a-ending names you have already, and any of these would fit those well.

    Ella + Zara + Luna
    Ella + Zara + Nina
    Ella + Zara + Jessa
    Ella + Zara + Maya

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    I like Cora best, with Rosa a very close second. But they do match the four-letters-ends-in-A, and Cora and Zara might get twisted into Cara and Zora on occasion. If you'd like future daughters to also have that, then I'd pick one of those. But if you want to break that pattern, then I'd go with Ruby. I think it's splendid with the girls, very charming, and a good name overall.

    Though frankly I wouldn't blink at an Ella, Zara, Cora and Ruby sibset because they're all short, feminine names with a bit of spunk.

    I'm not a fan of Willow, though I do like Willa. But that's too close to Ella.

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    I like Ruby!

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    I think that Ruby, Rosa and Cora are all lovely with Ella and Zara! IMO, Willow is modern compared to sisters Ella and Zara. I think Cora fits the best though! Love all of the names

    I think Noah is nice with sisters Ella and Zara, but if you want something less popular - perhaps Jasper?

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