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    My daughter is Ellison so obviously that's my favorite! Everyone who hears her name compliments us on it and someone my dad works with used it for his daughter after hearing it from my dad. We love it! We call her Ells or Ell Bell, sometimes Elli, as nicknames.

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    klutes Guest
    I really love Eliza and Eloise. But my favorite EL name is Eleanor/Elinor. So classic.

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    Another vote for Eliska or Elena! Both lend themselves to the nickname Elia, which is what she's contemplating anyway.

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    Elodie is the only one I can think of that hasn't already been mentioned. Lyla and Elodie would be a gorgeous sibset.
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    Ellyanna (multiple spellings for that I'm sure)
    Elayna (not sure if that was already suggested)

    There's not a ton of "El" names.

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