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    Since Colten has a very modern feel to it, and is likely to become popular if it isn't already, I wouldn't really worry about popularity for the sibling name in this case. Especially considering people are choosing Griffin because it is less popular, when in fact calling him by "Finn" as you would want to do would make it extremely popular. So, either way, you are pretty much in the same boat. If that paragraph was word salad I apologize, it's like 5AM where I am, lol.

    I really love Rowan. I like the way it looks, and for some reason I feel like it is much more complete alongside Colten than Griffin would be. I feel like Rowan is a very friendly, approachable name, whereas Griffin might be more intimidating. Most of my reasoning behind being on Team Rowan is just the feeling - I can see a little Colten and Rowan playing together and laughing. Griffin feels a bit hollow to me, especially against Colten, and I can't put my finger on why. Maybe the subtle link of the "O" sound in both Rowan and Colten makes it feel more whole. Griffin just seems like all flash and no substance to me - especially when taking into consideration that people might, against your wishes, refer to him as Griff...which seems very school-bully-ish to me.

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    With Colton nn Colt I prefer Griffin nn Finn. Two syllable names with easy common one syllable nicknames.

    I personally prefer Rowan on a girl, but think it works fine on a boy and as a sibling to Colton.

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    Well I adore Rowan, so obviously it gets my vote, but Griffin is nice too.
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    Rowan is one of my favorites, so that's the one I'm voting for.

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    Colten and Griffin would be lovely together, so would Colt and Finn!

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