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    Have you heard of the name Maiwen/Maiwenn? Hespera Maiwenn Chelsea is gorgeous.

    Ceridwen Aurore Chelsea, Ceridwen Luna Chelsea, Ceridwen Selena Chelsea, Ceridwen Celeste Chelsea, Ceridwen Fiammetta Chelsea, Ceridwen Sunniva Chelsea, Ceridwen Melusine Chelsea

    Hespera Selene Chelsea, Hespera Olwen Chelsea, Hespera Xanthe Chelsea, Hespera Elowen Chelsea, Hespera Melusine Chelsea, Hespera Celeste Chelsea, Hespera Oriel Chelsea, Hespera Winter Chelsea, Hespera Fiammetta Chelsea
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    I really like Hespera Melusine or Hespera Winter.

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    bibliophile: No, I've never heard of Maiwen. What's it's origin and meaning? Is it "may-wen" or "my-wen"?

    I really like Aurore, Luna, and Fiammetta (would it be too much?) paired with Ceridwen! I prefer Aurora to Aurore though. How does Ceridwen Aurora (Chelsea) sound? It's so hard to work with Chelsea in the middle!

    I'm still loving Hespera Selene! It doesn't sound the best with Chelsea though. (That's not a priority, but still.) Hespera Chelsea Selene would sound a little better, but I would prefer for Chelsea to be in the second mn slot. I'm thinking Hespera Olwen and Hespera Elowen over. Xanthe's off the list now, it clashes too much with Chelsea in my opinion. I like Hespera Melusine (Chelsea)! I like Hespera Fiammetta (Chelsea) too, but again, would it be too much? Winter was one of the first middle names that popped into my mind for Hespera. Something about it just sounds too... harsh, or something though. Idk why, Winter isn't a harsh sounding name to me at all.

    kashed22: I like Hespera Melusine too!

    *I might have asked this somewhere before, but how exactly is Melusine pronounced? I love it's watery, mermaid feel, but I'm not 100% sure of it's pronunciation.

    For now I'm thinking over:

    Hespera Selene
    Hespera Melusine
    Hespera Olwen
    Hespera Elowen
    Hespera Fiammetta

    Ceridwen Aurore/Aurora
    Ceridwen Luna
    Ceridwen Fiammetta
    Ceridwen Willow
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    Maiwenn/Maiwen is a Hebrew name that means "one who raises up/brings up." It's mildly popular in France, what with actress Maiwenn le Besco. I've heard both pronunciations: in England/USA, it's mostly may-wen, but in French it sounds like mah-ee-wen, the first two syllables sort of meshed together.
    Ceridwen Fiammetta sounds fine, but there's a definite clash of cultures/etymology there. Ceridwen Fia might be a little less in your face.
    I've heard Melusine pronounced as mel-oo-zeen and mel-oo-seen.
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    I really love Hespera Winter! Ceridwen Auriel/Oriel/Aurelia/Orelia are beautiful; I think Ceridwen Willow has too man Ws close together in it and makes it awkward to say out loud.

    Hespera Winter, "Evening winter star".

    Ceridwen Auriel, "Golden, beautiful poem".

    If you can't decide, you could always do Hespera Ceridwen or Ceridwen Hespera! "Poetic as the evening star" would be a lovely meaning.
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