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    Question Middles for Ceridwen and Hespera

    I really need some help with middles for Ceridwen and Hespera. I'm kind of stumped.

    Ceridwen: To me, Ceridwen is magical, shimmery, delicate, graceful, pure, and strong. Kind of dreamy. The dominant feeling is wintery/snowy, and also a little woodsy. Brisk, cold air. I can see lanterns/lamp posts on a foggy, snowy night. I'd like the middle name to feel cool/chilly but maybe a little fiery, shimmery/sparkly, maybe starry/associated with the moon or nighttime, mystical, fairy-like or sprite-like, with shimmers/sparkles of maybe pink, purple, and/or blue, and maybe gold flakes. I also wouldn't mind a woodsy, earthy feel.

    Hespera: Hespera feels wintery/snowy too, but it also feels earthy. Magical. Warm sunlight, but cold brisk air. Tiny orbs of light flying around in a clearing surrounded by trees and flowers on a cool night. Glittering pink, purple, and gold. Shimmering/twinkling white snow. Warm and welcoming, but secretive and evading. I'm all over the place, it's hard for me to get a good grasp on Hespera. I'd like the middle name to feel cold/cool, relating to nighttime, mystical, maybe watery, shimmering pink, purple, and/or blue (my favorite colors!), glittering gold, more evading than welcoming (but either's fine).

    I'm changing my name from Chelsea, but have decided to keep it in the middle. The 2nd/other middle name will be Chelsea. My mom didn't put much thought into my name at all (I've asked), so I'm taking this whole process very seriously. Some middle names I like:


    Can anyone come up with any combos? Thanks in advance for any replies!
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    Oooooh, I love your imagery! I love both Ceridwen and Hespera too!

    Okay, I'm not great at this, at all, but looking at your list the first thing that popped into my mind was -- Hespera Selene.

    It has that cool, magical, mystical, evading, moonlit night vibe that you are looking for. To me it also has shimmers of pink and purple (they're my fave colors too!), and glittering gold. Selene also makes me think of a mystical, cold, blue, sparkling crystal cave. With gold flecks sparkling and shimmering all around. I love it! What a magical combo.

    I love this combo, and I just had to comment about it! I would try to think of more, but I'm not very good at it (lol) and I have to go. Good luck!

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    I love Ceridwen, Elowen, and Xanthe
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    I think I might have mentioned this before, but my daughter's name is Cerridwen Willow. Of your names listed, I like Ceridwen Winter (I might have a thing for Ceridwen with a "W" middle though) , and Hespera Olwen or Elowen. My taste doesn't allow for Chelsea as a middle name for either Ceridwen or Hespera, but a nice mn for it would be Chelsea Selene or Selena (assuming you are pronouncing is Chel-see...I've only known one girl named Chelsea spelled like that and that's how she pronounced it). Good Luck! When are you due? I've never met anyone who has used Ceridwen other than us.
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    amira: Thanks! I love your imagery too! Hepsera Selene is beautiful! I usually prefer Selena to Selene, but your imagery totally sold me on it! I could so picture that blue crystal cave with the gold flecks! Thank you! ^_^

    southernbeauty: Thanks! Glad you love them, I've decided to take Xanthe and all "ee" ending names off of the middle name list though.

    eriset: I love Willow and I think Ceridwen Willow would be lovely! I'll put it on my list. I LOVE Winter, but I don't think the "wen" in Ceridwen, and the "win" in Winter will sound too great together. I really love Hespera Olwen too, but I don't know if I'm in love with the vibe I get from them together. I have to think it over. (I was thinking maybe saving Olwen as a possible middle name for Lavender.) Hespera Elowen is very nice, but I don't know if I'm in love with it. I'll put it on my list though! Chelsea isn't in my taste either, but I'm changing my name from Chelsea, and I've decided to keep it in the middle. I'm 19 (turning 20 on Friday!), so no babies for at least a good 9 or 10 years! The other middle name I choose will be the main one I use though.
    In reply to my other thread: I would expect people to not know much about it, to have to correct pronunciation and spelling, and to have to explain it's origin and meaning to people. I think it's totally worth it though! Ceridwen is beautiful! I'd prefer to have a name with meaning. Chelsea (for example) feels empty (to me at least) and is completely overlooked. Like I said before, I love your kids' names! You have great taste. ^_^
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