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    Lauranne - I think that the 'nne' is unnecessary. I prefer Laura.

    Antoniette - Not to be confused with Antoinette. I quite like this. I love Antonia which is similar.

    Ketra - Reminds me of Katya but with a harder sound. Quite pretty but short which is nice.

    Dalila - I think this might be Indian. I like it because it's similar to Dahlia but without the flower association and with a more grown-up feeling.

    Noeline - I read it this name in a book. I think it's lovely.

    Eliska - I like this as an alternative to Elise or Elisha. It sounds more finished than Elise and more elegant than Elisha to me.

    Kalonda - I like Kalinda but I don't like the 'o' sound in Kalonda.

    Demetra - like Demeter but nicer and more 'wearable' I think.

    Kilia or Killia - like Killian but for a girl? I like this one.

    Nuriye - I've met a few people with this name. I think it's Turkish and means 'woman of light'. I think it's great and has the potential to lead to some lovely nicknames.

    Vanda - I don't really like it that much.

    Lenora - It's so pretty, and Lenore is pretty too.

    Medora -Not really a fan.
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