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    I just finished reading, "Revenge Wears Prada" and they named their daughter in the book Clementine Rose.

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    Flo makes me think of car insurance, and a "visit from Aunt Flo" .
    I like Eliska and Noeline. Elisha is a male name to me.
    I like Vanda and Demetra.
    I probably wouldn't use these name except Eliska.
    I like Antoniette, and Antonietta.

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    I've been reading mortal instruments city of bones and the protagonist is Clarissa nn clary like the herb clary sage, I'm not a fan of the fn or nn tbh
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    Lauranne - prefer Lauranna if they are trying to spice up Laura

    Antoniette - way better than Antonia! but think people would still say Antoinette

    Ketra - Reminds me of Petra

    Dalila -doesnt matter if its a name in Indian that doesnt mean the flower. it sounds the same so it will forever have the association. dont give a kid a name that sounds like something but have them know and answer the 'oh like the flower' question with 'no its indian and means something else' their entire lives.

    Noeline - doesnt seem to work or roll off the tongue easily.

    Eliska - i wanna say Elishka instead. depending on the complex way Russians femininze names due to familiarity with various -asha, -alila, -ishka ending you may find a great name in there.

    Kalonda - like Yolanda, Shaquanda, and way to many other horrible a/onda names. the only one the seems 'real' is Rhonda

    Demetra - love this name, believe i first heard it in Spy Kids 3D lol

    Kilia or Killia - kids dont need kill in their name :/

    Nuriye - ok, a hassle, not pretty enough to deal with

    Vanda - think this would get a lot of 'did you say Wanda?'

    Lenora - reminds me of Poe

    Medora - since everyone seems to be clamoring for alternative -dora names id skip it. reminds me of Megara from Hercules
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    Quote Originally Posted by emilyva View Post
    Flo makes me think of car insurance, and a "visit from Aunt Flo"
    I don't get the car insurance thing (different countries I guess) but hahaha a visit from Aunt Flo! I forgot about that association
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