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    Ugh no Rapunzel doesn't work at all. Can you imagine being called Rapunzel...? No?! Well then why name your child Rapunzel...?!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriela View Post
    I'm not a big fan of Hazel either (it's ok), but at least it ages well. Rapunzel is pretty out there, in my opinion, and I just can't see it on a job resume. I agree with the poster who said it was like naming your daughter Cinderella.

    P.S. I had a friend who always wanted to name her daughter Snow. It was her favorite name for years, but she just happened to fall in love with a man whose last name happened to be White. She honestly considered sticking with the name she loved until a few of us gave her our opinions. When she gets pregnant, she could go back to Snow. Ultimately, it's her choice, just like this is your choice. We're just giving you our opinions.
    I didn't like Hazel at first... but I tried to convince myself to like Hazel and Beatrice, with Hazel it worked, unlike with Beatrice which I am still not fond of.
    That story with your friend is amusing yet very unfortunate.
    I understand giving your opinions and I can handle it, but I understand also that it wouldn't be my burden to bear but the childs.
    The main thing is that I believe the name will wear very well in childhood and I am concerned but not too much about adulthood as I know there are successful adults out there with ridiculous name
    so whilst I do partially take into consideration the 'but imagine when she gets an important job!' argument, I know there are more important things under consideration for jobs.

    Lots of adults have ridic names and it doesn't hinder them in life... but if she really hates it I'll take her to change her name at 16 or she can change it herself at 18
    (I know of a Latrina who changed it to Leticia at 18 to keep it near the original sound)

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    @giinkies : i'am not very concerned about the job thing either. I think this things about a doctor can't be named Meadow is clearly stereotypes. I hAven't thought about the option to change her name if she doesn't like it actually but this gave me more confidence to use the name.

    This name goes to straight to my short list, now I will look for the perfect middles.

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    I wouldn't do it. Maybe you really should name a pet Repunzel to get it out of your system. Have you asked daddy what he thinks? I can't imagine any man who would let that fly.
    Personal Favorites: Mira Cairdeas and Darrow Paine

    Best Wishes To All

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    The name Rapunzel is beautiful, however, I do not think it is usable as a first name, maybe as a middle. As other pp have said it has the same feelings as Cinderella.

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