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Thread: Baby Boy

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    I think Spencer, Levi, and William, are great! I like Liam as a nickname for William...but perhaps with Levi that is not a good fit...
    I also like the sound of Spencer, Levi, and Quinton, Quincy, Quinn.\
    Quincy Abbot.
    And these all sound good too...
    Spencer, Levi, and Kenton.
    Kenton Michael.
    Spencer, Levi, and Jackson.
    Jackson David.
    Spencer, Levi, and Beckett.
    Beckett Samuel
    Spencer, Levi, and Tyler.
    Tyler Jacob.
    Spencer Levi, and Matthias/Matthew.
    Matthias Luke.
    Spencer, Levi, and Sawyer.
    Sawyer Frances.
    Spencer, Levi, and Glen.
    Glen Maxwell.
    Spencer, Levi, and Toby/Tobiah/Tobias
    Tobias Jack
    Spencer, Levi, and Hendrix.
    Hendrix Cole.
    Spencer, Levi, and Rufus.
    Rufus Jeremiah.
    Spencer, Levi, and Jedidiah/Jed
    Jedidiah Robert.
    Spencer, Levi, Brock.
    Brock William.
    Spencer, Levi, and Willis.
    Willis Johnathon.
    Spencer, Levi, and Hayes.
    Hayes Zachary.
    Spencer, Levi, and Joel.
    Joel Matthew.
    Spencer, Levi, and Nathan.
    Nathan Zedekiah.

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    Levi Alexander is just perfect!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexandra9 View Post
    Yes I think the problem is William is too traditional. I like Parker William better. From the names you suggested I actually really like Zane. Zane Parker maybe?

    Also about the girls names, if I ever have a daughter I would either name her Lucy Adrienne or Ava Lucienne. And If I have another daughter it would not be the other name. So what I'm trying to say is I just like both names but I wouldn't name them together. Does that make sense?

    I like Zane Parker!!!
    And yeah the Lucy/Ava combo thing makes sense. I was wondering in particular as you were looking for a third boys combo but seemed to have two mutually exclusive girls combos. It was a NB curiosity is all.
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    <3 Spencer James!!!
    What if you do a switch?
    William Levi and Parker Alexander?
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