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    I have known so many Vincents I have no issue picturing it on a teen or man. But I have a hard time picturing it on a baby.

    I dislike Vinnie, it's a bit too Goodfellas for me.

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    The king for my junior prom was named Vince, so I have no trouble picturing it on a teenager.
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    I like Vincent. I could definitely picture it on a teen and adult. I am surprised that people can't picture it on a baby. One of my nephews is Vincent and he is going to be 2 soon. It fits him.
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    I really like Vincent. Reminds me of the genius artiste Vincent Van Gogh, who turned suffering into something beautiful for everyone.

    Like almost everyone on this board, it's easier for me to imagine Vincent on a teenager/adult.

    My best friend as a child was Vincent. I renamed him Innocent. That's what I heard the first time I met him I guess. I don't remember the first time I met him.

    It sort of stuck. Even though he was everything but innocent. Got him out of a lot of trouble.

    Vinnie or Vint/ Vince/ Vincent.

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    A little boy that attends daycare with my son is named Vincent and it fits him perfectly. To be honest, when I first met him and his family when he was a baby I thought it was an old-man name. But now that I know Vincent, he's Vincent and he couldn't be anything else. Everyone calls him by his full name or just Vince, and he's adorable!

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