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    Willa is my favorite for all of the above named reasons.

    I do not care for Sybil at all, a character in a movie had 14 diferent selves or something like that. Cannot get the association out of my head.

    To me Mabel is an old lady.

    I like Willa also in the Willow form.

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    I like Sybil. Willa seems a little silly to me, and I just can't get around how old ladyish Mabel sounds. . Sybil is really cute and can be perfect until she is older.

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    I like Willa the best of the three. As a previous poster explained, it fits with the tree theme.


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    Sybil! It's such a stunning name and has the same style with Hazel and Asher.
    Other ideas for a new sister: Olive, Rosalie, Pearl, Maeve, Ivy, Ginger.

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    I like Mabel a lot! I don't think it sounds old lady-ish, but that is probably because I know a girl my age (20) with the name. I think you should choose a name that fits in the nature-y theme. Mabel fits because it sounds a lot like Maple, as others have pointed out. Similar with Willa, but I don't like the name as much.

    Other names you might like:

    Anfisa -- "flower"; Russian
    Kalina -- Bulgarian and Macedonian word for "rowan tree"
    Kielo -- "lily of the valley" in Finnish
    Melissa -- means "honey-bee"; also Melisa is "lemon balm" (the plant) in Slovenian
    Silvia -- "wooded forest"
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