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    Asher & Hazel's Little Sister

    We are having our third child in October. Our other children are named Asher and Hazel.

    Here are the girl names we've seriously considered so far: Mabel, Sybil, and Willa.

    1) Which of the three names above is your favorite and why?

    2) Please provide any other names that you think work well with our sibset.

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    Asher, Hazel and

    1) Willa - My favorite of the three with your names. Quirky, cute and somehow ties in well with the others.

    Mabel - A little rhyme-y with Hazel but still kind of cute and unusual. Definitely cutting edge compared to Hazel and Asher.
    Sybil - I just don't know why but I can't get behind this name.

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    Willa is my favorite of your choices!

    Just some other names Nymbler spit out in case you were looking for more options.

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    I also like Willa best. Here's my thinking: both Asher and Hazel are reminiscent of trees. The Ash tree, and Hazel(wood). Willa sounds a lot like Willow, but like Asher, isn't the exact word so there's a nice little distance. Mabel has that too, with maple, and works OK, and would be my second choice for you, although I think Hazel and Mabel is pretty sing songy and a little matchy matchy (it would work enough in my opinion though).

    Sybil is a nice name, unexpected. It is less on-vintage-trend than the others, and doesn't seem as close to a tree, so that's why I like it as a distant third. But if I met Asher, Hazel, and Sybil, it wouldn't be some huge shock or something.

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    I really like all three. Willa is my favourite for the sibset for the willow tree connection. Mabel although delightful is rhymey with Hazel. Sybil is a good name but clashes with the sibset, its 1920s upper class to me.
    How about Maple? Also Rowan, Scarlett, Martha, Clementine, Lilac and Winter

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