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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    Ottilie is going to be a mum of Irish twins soon.
    I was going to say this! Good luck with your Irish Twins.

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    I know three Irish twin sets, and they're all exceptionally close.

    I think it would be lovely for my kids to have siblings so close in age, but I don't think I could voluntarily deal with the exhaustion of pregnancy coupled with the exhaustion of a newborn!
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    I know an "irish twin" brother and sister who are so close- it is great to see!! The brother just got married recently and had asked his wife to have two close together- because he loved growing up so close to his sister.

    Best of Luck to you
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    I'm expecting a little girl which means I'll have Irish twin girls when February comes. Unplanned and I won't do this again. I'm in really good shape, but it's exhausting. My body had two months between I gave birth and got pregnant again, and that's not enough. After this one I'll hopefully have a good long rest before having babies 3, 4, 5 and 6.
    When I found out I felt like a terrible mum because I felt Dita wouldn't get the baby time she deserved, the time to be the littlest one. Kind of upset that I wouldn't be able to breastfeed until she was one (I'm not feeding two at a time, that sounds horrible), that she would have to go and sleep in her own bed sooner than I'd planned... We co-sleep, and it's so cosy. But she's getting good at sleeping in her cot, it's so cosy in there and I think she enjoys that. I'm glad I'm having another girl, I know she will be her own person, but I can reuse Dita's clothes and all that, and hopefully they'll have an amazingly tight bond. Besides girls seem easier to me... less messy, easier to deal with, more independent. And they'll be one year apart at nursery and school, that will be nice too. Especially if we send them to boarding school. Husband is very happy about it. When I found it his jaw dropped, but he's being super dad at the moment, and I hope that lasts. He's very excited that it's another girl too. He's the one who calms me down when I go crazy because I feel like I'm taking something away from Dita, or rather, that's how I felt in the beginning, he and some wonderful people here managed to calm me down and make me realise this is a gift for her, a little sister and hopefully best friend. What freaked me out a lot was that we were planning to move this autumn, and I got it into my head that it all had to be done before December so we'd be unpacked and ready for the new baby. But the buy fell through, so we're in London for another year, until Bunny's 6 months or so.

    Our families mostly think it's fun, my sister and sisters-in-law are all jealous, but also kind of thrilled we're having another girl. They have all boys. Of course there's been a lot of jokes made around our stupidity, that we don't know how babies are made, and that we'll have a dozen in the blink of an eye. But they're all happy about it, babies are good, and we're in a good relationship, at a good place in our lives, we've got money and a house and no loans, so that's all good.

    You can always pm me if you want to talk IT (irish twinning) as well
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    One of my best friends is an Irish twin. Her sister is less than a year older than her.

    I know their mom liked the idea of having two girls close together (and I've seen pictures of them as little girls in matching tutus), but neither girl is particularly "girly." However, I know that because they're of similar size, they share clothes and have shopped together, which is pretty useful

    Because their parents are divorced, they've constantly alternated between houses the majority of their lives. I know they fight a lot, but they're all each other has. I don't think either of them realizes how lucky they are to always have someone to hang with, no matter how poorly they get along.
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