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    I very nearly had Irish twins, Annabelle waited until just after Elizabeth's 1st birthday though
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    casilda Guest
    My mom is an Irish twin! Her brother was born 6 days before my mom's first birthday.

    I'd love to have Irish twins.

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    I nearly was, but Isobel came along a few months after Eden's first birthday!
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    I've never heard that phrase before, Irish twins. That's funny.

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    I am an 'Irish twin', my mother got pregnant with me when my brother was 3 months old. My brother and I fought like cats and dogs after age 5, and it pretty much continues to this day, but that's more of a personality conflict I hope, not because of how close in age we are. We are only a year and 5 days apart. He turns 25 on the 17th, I turn 24 on the 23rd. I personally never want Irish twins and hope for a 3/4 year gap between my children.

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