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  • Deacon Francesco Altomari

    24 45.28%
  • Deacon Antonio Altomari

    29 54.72%
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    Apr 2012

    Last poll, I swear!!

    I'm 100% sure we're down to these two middles. 77 more days left and my boy is here! Not sure what middle sounds best, I would love your feedback and thoughts. I want to put this to bed, it's kind of driving me crazy!! If you don't have time to respond, please vote!

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    Are you naming a baby or a cleric? lol Only kidding. I vote Francesco.

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    I like Deacon Francesco better.
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    Apr 2012
    Thank you to all who voted and your comments. Unless we change our mind on a first name, this was my last and final poll. (Sniff sniff) No more polls or children for me. I thank you, big brother Jesse thanks you, and so does baby Deacon!

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    Francesco flows better, but I like Antonio better as a name.
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