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    sapphires Guest
    Éowyn from LOTR, I think she was a wonderful character.

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    Oh, I have so many! Almost all of the ones already listed. Here's a couple more:

    Althea and Malta Vestrit- Liveship Traders trilogy by Robin Hobb
    Arya- A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin
    Cassandra- I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith
    Dakin- The Farthest Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks
    Dana- Kindred by Octavia E. Butler
    Irene- The Princess and the Goblins by George MacDonald
    Jilly (Jillian) Coppercorn- lots of Charles de Lint books
    Karou and Madrigal- Laini Taylor
    Merricat (Mary Katherine)- We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson (She's an odd one, but I adore her)
    Peri (Periwinkle)- The Changeling Sea by Patricia A. McKillip
    Rilla (Marilla) and Kilmeny- LM Montgomery

    Caspian- Lewis
    Christopher Robin- AA Milne
    Dickon- The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
    Gus (Augustus) and Woodrow- Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurty
    Huck (Huckleberry) Finn- Mark Twain
    Lazarus- Robert A Heinlein
    Pippin (Peregrin)- Tolkien
    Stuart- Stuart Little by EB White
    Walter- LM Montgomery
    Wintrow Vestrit- Liveship Traders trilogy by Robin Hobb
    Cordelia Eilonwy Snow | Evadne Snow | Felicity Astra Wildrose | Gwenna Moon | Lorelei Ondine | Octavia Eowyn Sol
    Pandora Willow Isolde | Petra Leocadia Silver | Sunniva Adar Rhiannon | Thisbe Wildrose

    Caspian Wilder | Damian Sparrow | Evander Thorn | Everett Lyle Ward
    Ezra Balthasar | Gwydion Alaric Hart | Konrad Peregrine Llyr | Malachi Tristan Bjorn | Phineas Robin Blaise | Theodore Winter

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    Holden (Catcher in the Rye)
    Cal (East of Eden)
    Quentin (The Sound and the Fury)
    Ethan (film, The Searchers)
    Shane (Shane)
    Troilus (Troilus and Crisseide)
    Mike (Hammer, from the Mickey Spillane pulp novels)

    Becky (Vanity Fair)
    Antoinette (Wide Sargasso Sea)
    Morag (The Diviners)
    Sula (Sula)
    Iris (The Blind Assassin)
    Minny (The Help)

    Nick and Nora from The Thin Man
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    sunshine kid Guest
    Pug (The Magician)
    Charlie (The Children of the Red King)
    David (The Chrysalids)
    John (North & South)

    Mara (Daughter of the Empire)
    Dortchen (The Wild Girl)
    Sara (The Little Princess)
    Elspeth (Obernewtyn)
    Matilda (Matilda)
    Lirael (Lirael)

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    all my favorites except Samwise Gamgee and Percy Jackson have been said.

    @Ottilie I love the chronicles of prydain too.
    Lara | Evanlyn | Rose | Keziah | Eilonwy
    Daniel | Asa | Jack | Ezra | Harper

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