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    What do you think??

    My husband and I have a son named Jude...yes, we are Beatles fans, and we are now expecting our second child. As of right now we like the names Phoenix Tide for a boy, and for a girl we like Sipsey Loralei. What do you think about these names? I just want some opinions from others. Suggestions are also welcome!

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    I like Phoenix Tide with big brother Jude. I've always had a soft spot for the name Phoenix. It's very striking and works well with Jude.

    I'm not a big fan of Sipsey. I haven't heard the name before, but I just don't like the sound. It sounds too nick-namey and lispy for my tastes. Loralei is a nice middle name (although I prefer it spelled Lorelei).

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    I like your boy choice but you might want to rethink your girl choice. I've never heard of it either and I don't think many people will like it. It just doesn't sound like a real name to me. It doesn't go with Jude either.
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    I like Phoenix and I like Lorelei... But not a fan of Tide or Sipsey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by escg33k View Post
    I like Phoenix and I like Lorelei... But not a fan of Tide or Sipsey.
    My thoughts exactly! Sipsey definitely doesn't seem to match well with Jude. Where did you find this name?
    All I can hear is Sippy, like sippy cup.

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