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    I think both are equally beautiful. I might lean a bit more toward Harmonia than Hermione.
    I think what it really needs to come down to is whether you want the names to be "matchy-matchy" or "go together".
    I think Persephone and Hermione flow beautifully together but the matching -one endings feel a bit matchy-matchy to me.
    This combo feels like the one most berries would prefer because they flow so nicely - and well we do like matchy sib-sets.
    Nothing wrong with that, I think I prefer Persephone and Harmonia better though. They are both very distinctly unique
    and yet both the daughters of major goddesses that I think they go really well together.
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    I prefer Harmonia with Persephone, but I think both names are lovely.

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    I love Hermione. It wins, hands down, against Harmonia. Hermione is strong, intelligent, and loyal. There's the Harry Potter association (which is in no way negative,) as well as mythology and Shakespeare. And you mentioned the name Cordelia, and I think Hermione goes well with it.
    Harmonia is an alright name- I've never heard of it before now- but my immediate thought is harmonica.
    I think the only issue with Hermione and Persephone is that the ends are a bit rhymey. Otherwise I think they're a good pair.

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    I actually love the idea of a baroque virtue-name sibset of Harmonia, Concordia, and Fortunata.
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    Hermione is my all-time favorite girls name ever. If I didn't already have a daughter named Lily (another HP inspired name) I would use it for this DD. USE IT PLEASE. The world needs more Hermiones!!

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