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    How old is she? Sometimes babies take a little while to "become" their name. They need to grow into their little personalities and then they assume an identity. Until then, their name is just an abstract idea. With my daughter, it took a good 3-4 months before I felt like she WAS her name. Now I've got a newbie and saying his name still feels a little forced, but I know he'll grow into it.
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    brigid16 and smismar both have great insight on this. I love my daughter's name, I loved it long before she was born, but I still second guessed it once she was here, and then periodically through her first months of life. In fact, I didn't even feel like I knew her well enough to know what name would fit her until she was about 3 months old. But that time, she had grown into the name we had given her, or her name grew into her.
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    I don't believe the perfect name truly exists. When we named Elizabeth I never second guessed or doubted our choice. From the moment I knew I was pregnant I knew what her name would be as she is named after my Grandmother. I never doubted the name, not because of the name itself but the person who she was named after. I knew that if I could have a daughter even half as wonderful, inspiring and sacrificing as my Grandma I would be a very lucky mum.

    When it came to naming Annabelle it was a totally different story. She wasn't named until after she was born. Partially that was because of my husbands stubbornness and partially I felt like to name could ever hold as much meaning to me as Elizabeth's does. I doubted our choice for a few months after we named her. It didn't feel quite right when I told people her name. I never vocalized my doubts to anyone and now I am glad I didn't. When she was about 3 months old I was rocking her back to sleep in the middle of the night and I suddenly realized how perfectly her name suits her. She truly is and Annabelle. It took a while for her to grow into her name but I know that we chose the right name for her.
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    I have always felt like my children's names were perfect for them. Although I did wonder a few times if I would have preferred to nickname my daughter Molly but never seriously and now she's definitely Mary. There are people who talk about name regret so it is possible that's what your experiencing. One solution might be to find a nickname for her and start using it. Do you prefer her middle name? I'm assuming she's still very young so it probably would work out fine. I had a coworker whose daughter had a random nickname unrelated to her first or middle names. It fit her wonderfully and he was considering changing her name middle name so it wouldn't seem so random.
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    You can always change it, but no name is ever as perfect as your child. I love my daughters name very much, but it's not as beautiful as she is because that's just impossible.

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