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    It sounds like you feel her name has been partially tainted by the person who left you and her. If you compromised with someone who then removed themselves completely from the equation I can see why you would feel the name wasn't hers - because it wasn't yours and is associated with something painful. There's a conflict because you obviously don't want to change her name but you clearly aren't happy as it is.

    I would be tempted to change it to something else. Perhaps talk it over with whoever is the other closest person to her and to you. Then you might have someone else ratifying your new choice which might help you feel positive about it.

    Adrienne Elizabeth? Veronica? Vera could be a nn for Veronica...

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    Aww, she sounds adorable, and it sounds like she has a wonderful mother. I wouldnt beat yourself up about finding the perfect name, dont stress it. Even if you dont find the perfect name, you still have a perfect little girl, right?

    Have you considered the name Verity? It has a lovely meaning, and you could get the nn Vera. That way you can call her Vera and your mother could call her by her full name. Verity Elizabeth is stunning. What about nicknames for Auriana, do you like any of those? You could call her Aria, or Aura, or Ari. Even riana. Do you like Rhiannon? I feel like thats close, but still different. I know you said you dont like the Elizabeth nn's but there are sooo many. Eliza, Libby, Ella, Ellie, Lizzie, Elsie. Ive been toying with Bliss as a nn for Elizabeth.

    Elspeth is the scottish form of Elizabeth, do you like that? And Isabella is a variant.

    If you settled on this name because its what he wanted, may i ask what name you wanted at the time?

    I know you'll figure something out. Keep us updated.
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    Yes! What name did you want to name her at the time? I think you associate the name with her father, and that's why it leaves a bad taste in your mouth-- and I don't blame you one bit.

    Verity Elizabeth is beautiful, and it could allow you to call her Vera while others could call her Verity if they wanted. Same goes for Veronica; she can be Vera to you, but Veronica to others. Veronica has a beautiful meaning of "true image" which is what you're searching for your daughter, right now. Verity also means "truth". But if you don't like those either, don't feel obligated to use them.

    Is it the spelling you're not crazy about? Oriana or Aurora or Orora are good alternatives to Auriana. You could also take name quizzes to maybe figure out what kind of names you like.

    I want you to write down the traits you believe she has or that you want her to have, or what you want for her in this life. That includes hobbies as well. Do you think your little girl will love singing? Will she be playful and carefree? Will she be like you or someone else you're fond of? Will she love nature? What traits do you think she already has, just by gazing at her? A name is just a name until you look farther into it, and associate it with things like personality, beauty, nature, or even people and places you're fond of--it gives even more meaning to a name than any baby book can tell you.
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    Vch23 I feel like that is part of it, but the whole time I was pregnant it was also the name he pushed for that I wouldn't consider - so I disliked it from the beginning.. But I also wasnt too thrilled about the possible names on the list either which was why I was somewhat okay with the compromise. I was also in so much aw that I felt like it ont matter what her name was & if he liked that name from the start it might grow on me - im still waiting for it to grow on me.

    & rhiatayler bliss is a really cute nn! Im just not totally sold on nn unless its the actual name which goes even more for nicknames on middle names at least til theyre older. Maybe im too nit picky. Here some of the orginal names I was okay with along with their drawbacks.

    Mary - honor name but too plain & dislike variants
    Natalia - still considering, seems dark, meaning
    Dahlia - poor association
    Bernadette - too old
    Magnolia - too southern
    Iris - iris of your eye
    Ivori - brother named avery
    Renata - harsh sounding
    Mireya - mispronouncing as mariah
    Devon - a little manly
    Emerson - slashs with last name
    Emerie - still considering poor meaning
    Evelyn - av/ev too popular
    Madeleine - too popular
    Viola - started to remind me of vile
    Veronika -harsh & unused but very familar
    Leona - mixed feelings

    They just dont feel like they fit, id like to atart over but at the same time feel I should just accept her name.

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    Thanks liviajoan! & verity is cute but I keep seeing variety! Lol & yes now that shes here & I can interact with her I feel like it opens up a whole new ball game im just stuck.

    She just like me, thank god! Lol. She has huge vibrant blue eyes, & looks at you like shes looking into your soul. The most innocent & girly little smirks & smiles - shes always so happy. Some blonde peach fuzz that she always has her hand on. Exstreamly content & patient I think I was very lucky to have a easy going child. I think she might like to sing, she certainly loves when you sing to her & she doesnt do normally babble its like longg bables. She loves to play in the water and laugh at her doggies but shes shy around new people. Shes just the best gift and such a joy.

    I may have to take some quizzies because I have no idea what kind of names I like. I like bits & pieces of a lot but very few I enjoy completely.

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