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    how did you know you found the one?

    Does it exist.
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    How old is she? And, if I may ask, what's the name (or names) in question?

    Names are a lot more complicated than the average person thinks. A name is what people associate someone with. It is very, very difficult to choose THE name. It took years for me to rename myself.

    It's hard to remember that no name is perfect and not everyone will like the same name. Each and everyone of us has our own style when it comes to names. We may base names off solely how they sound, what they mean, popularity, who they're in honor of or even the colors some see when they hear/read a name.

    Most people grow to love their name (well, I'm not sure about how North West is going to feel in a decade or so, but most people weren't named as a publicity stunt, either). Your name becomes part of who you are, and the majority of people embrace it.

    Naming is hard work. Many of us had lists drawn up since our tween years, but when actually faced with the task of naming a real, living baby, it's daunting. What ifs fill your head. Especially during and after pregnancy, hormones rival that of an adolescent girl, which just makes the whole process more terrifying.

    But, in the end, it is your daughter's name. Maybe she likes it. Maybe she doesn't. Perhaps you think it's the perfect name but she doesn't.

    My parents thought they had 'the one' for me. They still love my given name to this day. But, I didn't love it at all. Even though they were against it, they helped me find my perfect name. Like I said before, no name will please everybody, including its bearer.

    This was longer than I meant it to be, and I have no clue if this helped at all. Just remember that you did your best, and your daughter is still perfect even with a less than perfect name. Perhaps you both will learn to love her name. Or, maybe she'll find her own name. Either way, good luck.
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    Shes turning 4 months, & Auriana Elizabeth. I settled in a moment of pressure at the hospital with someone who decided very soon after they didmt want to be in her life which leaves a even big foul taste in my mouth. I wish I stood my ground instead of compromising.

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    I remember you said Vera was what you should have named her. Do you still love Vera? I think you still have time to change it. If you dont love Aurianna, I think you should change it. That name was never your pick anyway, you chose it because he wanted you to, but you arent obligated to keep it.

    When you look at her, is she Aurianna? Maybe you should find a few names you like and try calling her them. See which one fits her. I know youre having a hard time, and that your family doesnt exactly want you to change it. But its not their choice, shes your daughter.

    Whats her middle name? Does that fit her better? I remember you said you liked Audrienne. Does she look like an Audrienne? You dont have to try to please everyone, focus on pleasing yourself. You have not failed her as a mother like you said, and you still have time to change her name. Dont give up. It will come to you. It exists and you will find the perfect name.
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    I do love vera, it has stuck with me but I wouldn't say it was absolutely perfect (which I know ill never find.) Her grandmother hates it in every way, we have the discussion time & again. She opened up to the idea of changing it now but I dont want a name she truly dislikes since she will also be a big role in her life & I respect her opinion - to a extent.

    So now im trying to find a name that I could like just as much or at least suits her better. I spend most of her awake time responding to her in different names to see how I feel about them on her but I feel im without luck & should just accept her name :/

    I was looking into Audriana & sch for a possibily similar name if I couldnt pick one but id feel bad about changing her name now unless I truly likee it not because it sounds slightlyy better. I enjoy her middle name but I wouldn't want to call her that or nn on a daily basis. I feel like im in a rut.

    I appreciate all pf your help rhiatayler your comments aee always so personal & honest it helps alot. Your a wonderful person! Lol

    I just wish I could think of a name im happy to introduce her as with her big bright blue eyes & little heart shapped lips. Shes just such a happy giddy little baby, im truly blessed.

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