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    Anneliese - pronouced 'lees' or 'lees-uh'

    How would you pronounce Anneliese?
    Like Elise or Lisa?
    Do you perfer the Annelise spelling?
    Also middle name is Elizabeth with a 3syllable last name - too much?

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    I think Anneliese should be pronounced like ah-nuh-lees-uh. I think if you want any other pronunciation then you should consider spelling it differently. Annalise is a good spelling if you want it pronounced like Anna-lise. What pronunciation are you wanting?

    As for Elizabeth in the middle, I feel like the ending of Anneliese and the beginning of Elizabeth are too similar for it to work well.

    The sounds in Ann[eliese] and [Eliza]beth are nearly the same.

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    I prefer Anneliese to be pronounced like Elise. Some European countries such as Germany would pronounce it with an "uh" at the end. Annelise looks odd to me and I don't like the "Anna" spelling options because they're too close to the word "anal". Anneliese Elizabeth are very matchy and a bit too long with a three-syllable surname. Have you considered Annabeth?
    All the best,

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    I totally disagree with the above. Anneliese spelled like that is pronounced like Elyse not lisa. At least in America. I have known two of them and that's they say their names. "An-nuh (softer than Anna but still pronounced) lease" I know two of them and even the one who has significant German ties says it like this.
    I don't prefer Annelise. The lisa end which does seem more German comes for the final vowel at the end (and not the extra e)! For example Elke is pronounced El-ka. On the other hand, in America we don't Ely-sa we say E-lease for the name Elyse. I think the American pronunciation is An-nuh-lease. If you it to sound like Lisa, put an a on the end.
    I would not put an A in the middle; it opens up crude jokes.

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    I like Anneliese - spelled this way and pronounced with "lease" at the end. It's one of my favorites!

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