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    I am very, very cognizant/paranoid of "trying too hard" naming-wise. I actually don't think Dexter is trying too hard and I really like it (and I think almost EVERYTHING is trying too hard --- I'll probably end up with a son named John or William!)
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    (my list criteria: classic, simple, elegant, must have family and/or cultural significance)

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    I grew up with a Dexter, his nn was Dex and he is a nice, smart, artistic person. I don't think it sounds like you're trying too hard at all. When there are multiple meanings, just pick your favorite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    Dexter is an occupational name that means "one who dyes". There is also a Latin word, dexter, that means "right-handed, skilled".
    Yeah, definitely keep in mind that names will often have multiple meanings or associations. Natalie, for example, people often associate with Christmas, due to its similarity of Natalia Domini, Latin for Christmas Day. In Hebrew, however, it's related to the Hebrew natan-li, which means "God gave to me."

    Dexter does not sound pretentious to me; it's not my style, but I don't get a particularly ostentatious vibe from it. If anything, I tend to group it with the rest of the -er names for boys that are, mostly, (Dexter not being one of them - yet) overpopular and over-heard.
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    Glad you know what I mean by "trying too hard". I like how shocking the name is but I have a hard time picturing on a grown man other than Michael C. Hall haha

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