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    I love Catherine! It's so classic and elegant. I think sometimes the quest for a unique name has us labeling names like Catherine as boring just because they have a long history, if that makes sense. When the whole classroom is full of Kaylas, Olivias, Sophias, and every Aiden name you can think of, Catherine will not look at all boring, but will also not be out of place, which I think is a great balance to strike. :-) I personally prefer the Katharine spelling, but Catherine is lovely too.
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    I find Catherine boring. I grew up with three of them also (80's). I do prefer C spelling over K though.

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    Catherine is timeless and classy. It used to be a name I was unsure about but now I love it, it's beautiful. I think both names though sound fine with your surname. I like Charlotte mostly for the nn Lottie which I just seem to love. I prefer Catherine though and she doesn't have to have a nickname as it's nice on it's own.

    Also, great middle name choice, Elena is my favourite name atm.
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    I find Catherine very boring. There were at least two in all of my classes from elementary through high school, and usually at least four-five in my thirty student college classes. Definitely overplayed. I also prefer it spelled Katherine.

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    Catherine, to me, is like vanilla ice cream. Always sweet and pleasant, but sometimes I just crave something more.

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