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    I agree that the combo Easton River sounds like a description of a THING rather than a person's name. However, the fact that we don't often use our middle names in real life makes that less important. It would be fine to use only if your surname isn't a word too (eg. Easton River Woods). A word of caution: Easton (as well as Weston) is a very trendy name so it may not be as unique as you think. Last year in the US, Easton cracked the top 100 most popular names at No# 96 (that's 3,926 boys). Although it may have a "cool" meaning unknown to other people for you, many parents love the name enough to use it for their sons.
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    I agree with mischa. The meaning may have a nice, unique meaning to you but in reality, the name isn't unique.
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    Easton is one of my most despised names. I just find it trendy/tacky. Easton River sounds like a name Kanye West and Kim K would use for there next child.

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    Yup. This sounds like a case of parents thinking they've come up with a "unique" name, when really it's quite trendy and common. And also very modern.

    Definitely agree that the combo is way too "geographical." River is a fine name, though. Are there any other names you like that we could use to help come up with a better combo?
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    Easton is fine (NMS, but okay...acceptable), but NOT with River. Way too geographical. Like others have said, it's up there with North West. If Easton is significant to you, great, use it. Pick a different middle name, one that's unquestionably a name for a person, not just any old noun.
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