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    I love Joy, too! So simple, yet so, well, joyful... Although I think Caroline Joy and Joy Caroline will keep coming back to you, here's some other suggestions

    Joy Adelaide
    Joy Catherine
    Joy Eleonor/Leonora
    Joy Hazel
    Joy Hill
    Joy Lee/Leigh
    Joy Liesel
    Joy Louise
    Joy Margaret/Marguerite
    Joy Marie
    Joy Rosalie
    Joy Rosamund
    Joy Serena (serene happiness is such a great meaning for a name)
    Joy Therese
    Joy Victoria
    Joy Violet
    Joy Vivian

    I know some of these are not 3 syllable names, I hope you don't mind!

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    Allegra means 'joyful', and I find it so much prettier than Joy (which is ok around only positive association w/Joy is the song 'Joy to the World').

    Allegra Lourdes or Allegra Gabrielle?

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    I love the name Joy and think Joy Caroline is a lovely combination! I'm all for family connections. Did you mention info on your surname? For instance, Joy Caroline Smith sounds better than Caroline Joy Smith if It even matters.

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    Caroline and Susannah are two of my favourite names but I can't help feeling like they each work better as the FN?

    Joy Alexandra
    Joy Meredith - For some reason, Meredith has most of the rhythm of Elizabeth but is comparatively underused? Or am I nuts?
    Joy Mariposa - I just like the juxtaposition of 'joy' and 'butterfly'
    Joy Beatrice
    Joy Veronica
    Joy Liliana - I feel like Liliana Joy would be more predictable (with Lily- names being white-hot) but Joy Liliana has a certain charming cheeriness and isn't something you'd expect to hear.
    Joy Mirabel - and I saw Joy Marguerite up-thread and liked that a lot too!
    Joy Lucinda

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    For some reason, the 3-4 syallable middle is making me feel like the name is backwards... though of the choices mentioned, I do really like Joy Caroline and Joy Elizabeth.

    Other suggestions:
    Joy Elise (this is my fav)
    Joy Annalise
    Joy Beatrice
    Holly Louise * Anne Louise nn Annie * Margo/Margot Louise * Alyssa Louise

    Expecting DD#2 May 2015! Name must honor Dana Louise (MIL). Honoring Holly or Mary would be a bonus!

    Names I like that DH nixed: Susannah, Lydia, Elise, Rebecca, Victoria, Linnea, Genevieve, Alice, Emma, Isobel, Marielle, Louisa, Cora, Marie, Elizabeth, Caroline, Hannah, Helena, Maeve, Lauren, Mariam, Evelyn, Laura, Margaret, Grace, Molly, Clara

    Mom to Julia Catherine

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