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    Joy? Any middle name suggestions?

    I love virtue names, and both the word and the name Joy have a lot of significance to me, and so would Joy be a stunningly meaningful name for a little girl. It's sweet, simple, and familiar although I've never met anyone called Joy. It is seen as very old-fashioned here, but I love it enough that I can put that aside.
    But it's getting quite hard to find the right middle name, mainly because I feel that to balance the rhythm with a 2 syllable surname, a 3/4 syllable name is needed and none of the combinations I have come up with feel right.

    Joy Elizabeth - a little too vanilla?
    Joy Genevieve - too repetitive!
    Joy Caroline - I really, really want to love this one, I really do. Caroline is a middle name that runs in my family and I would love to carry that on, but I just can't get used to Joy Caroline because I feel like Caroline Joy would sound so much better....
    Joy Susannah - probably my favourite, but I still don't love it.

    So what do you think? Can you come up with any lovely middle names?

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    Love Joy Susannah!

    Joy Penelope
    Joy Fiona
    Joy Annabel
    Joy Ophelia
    Joy Annora
    Joy Soraya

    Good luck! Joy is a toughie to find middle names for.
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    Hmmm... I LOVE Joy, and it's funny b/c I have almost used Susannah Joy and I did heavily consider Caroline Joy, so it is hard for me to see those two the other way around. Here are some other suggestions:
    Joy Alexandra
    Joy Evangeline
    Joy Katherine
    Joy Penelope
    Joy Elizabeth (I think this is pretty!)
    Joy Rebecca
    Joy Madeline
    Joy Christina
    Joy Viviane
    Joy Bethany
    Joy Josephine (I actually kind of like the sound of this)
    Joy Sophia
    Joy Serena
    Joy Augusta
    Joy Anna
    Joy Marie
    Joy Claire
    Joy Tabitha
    Joy Magdalene
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