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    Talking A name for the chosen.

    I am currently attempting to write a novel about an introverted boy who loves video games who is chosen by the government to fight in the next intergalactic war (to be trained at the International Technology Academy/Intech) -- the war predicted by every scientist to be the one that annihilates the Earth. He is chosen based on secret examinations done on the international gaming platform, The Game.

    He is -- like I said -- introverted with very few friends except for a girl who recently (two years ago) moved to his small town. They both are twelve years old and the girl has blue hair. She's open to the fact that, yes, she does dye her hair regularly. Nobody knows who her parents are -- her name is Ema Midori. She's quiet, a good listener, with great reflexes. Though it is a tightly kept secret, she plays as Rusalka, the third-highest ranker on The Game as well as the highest ranking living player.

    I need a name for the boy -- he is very strategic, thoughtful, but still reckless as well as a gun lover. He likes killing things in The Game but as soon as he realizes the things he's killing are very much alive he begins to have trouble. I originally thought Jensen but now I don't really like it so much. His avatar on The Game is Goliath.

    His sister's name is Kendra and his parents' names are George and Linney, if that helps anybody. I am unsure if Ema would become his love interest at this point.

    I would be happy to provide any other information that anybody needs.
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    I'm assuming this takes place somewhat in the future, so I don't think Kendra and George really fit, especially with names like Linney and Ema in the fray. Unless it's in the near future, then they're acceptable.

    Suggestions for the guy:
    Alexei "nn Lex" (means defender but it's also obviously Russian; nn has a lot to do with technology)

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    Have you read Ready Player One? There's a number of parallels

    In that book, the MC's name was Wade, with his avatar called Parzival, and the Ema equivalent is Samantha, avatar Artemis.
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    I think I've read something similar recently, it was a teen book but I didn't like it very much...let me look... it was Deep into The Game by S.W Tanpepper -- here's the link -- Deep Into the Game: S.W. Tanpepper&#39;s GAMELAND (Episode 1) (Volume 1) (S. W. Tanpepper&#39;s GAMELAND) eBook: Saul Tanpepper, Ken J. Howe: Kindle Store

    It's not just like yours, but the live game stuff is similar. I like the concept, I've just never read one I liked so far.

    Just curious, how far into the future? George is very now and Kendra feels dated right now so just curious how far forward just to see if the "hundred year rule" applies to your story. It doesn't matter really because it's your future and people can be named what you like. The last futuristic book I read had main characters Georgia (called George) and brother Shawn with their friends Magdalena and Rebecca.

    Anyway, rambling... for your guy, I'll look at things meaning shy, chosen, important, etc and things meaning the opposite because I love ironic names. I'm not worrying about if it matches his sisters name since typical parents don't really do that. I have a word name, my sisters name is of the time she was born, my brother has a classic name.
    How about:

    Blaze -- it means blaze but also stammering. That plays into that he's fighting (and I assume winning since he's the main guy unless you're terrible to you MC like I am) and that he's shy.
    Chakir -- chosen one
    Cleto -- he was chosen to fight -- I love this for you.
    Mirut -- chosen one
    Primael -- chosen first
    Waljan -- chosen one
    Cornelius -- war horn
    Preto -- important man
    Lafi -- shy young man
    Reith -- one who is shy -- I would say it like Keith
    Roupen -- quiet little boy (I'm using this for a sound controller in my book.)
    Tacio -- he who is quiet
    Herod -- song of the hero
    Louis -- fame, loud, fighter
    Belino -- man of war
    Chad -- battle, warrior
    Cillian/Killian -- war, strife
    Akil -- wise, thoughtful, intelligent; pain (using this for a traitor whose an idiot)
    Drexel -- thoughtful man
    Boswell -- settlement of the reckless one
    Shiloh -- he who will be sent

    Here's the ironic ones:

    Melesio -- careful and thoughtful
    Alvero -- completely prudent
    Ware -- wary, prudent
    Trym -- loud noise
    Cornell -- crow, talkative person
    Sae -- talkative man
    Sinley -- friendly man
    Damian -- tame

    Do you like any of those? -- My Amazon Author Page

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    @mutualweirdness That was a concern at first, yes -- but I was thinking if this is incredibly far into the future, they might come back in style -- similar to how names that used to seem very dated are now quite popular. I like Neal but it reminds me a lot of a terribly annoying Neel I know at school...
    I started out not really liking Lex but the more I think about it, the more I like it. Alexei, I'm not so sure of, but I'm positive there are many other source names for the nn Lex.

    @bibliophile In fact, I've heard of it but haven't ever read it. I should pick it up sometimes.

    @dantea Thanks for all of the names! I like Blaze, Shiloh, and Cillian (though I'm unsure about actually using it). I did consider Cleto before, actually -- but I try to use names that people who aren't name-obsessed fruit could pronounce on their first try. Ema might be a little stretch for some people, lol (EEMA?). I'm actually considering Shiloh very seriously right now even though I can't get Shiloh the dog out of my head. This book would probably be very far into the future, unless aliens decide to attack tomorrow. This is also really random, but I love the name Persephone for your daughter.
    PS: Sinley's growing on me though... I'm not sure if it will fit with the other names I'm using for my characters but if I do use it, it would certainly open up new horizons for other names!
    Issy M. Forsythe
    ~just a girl looking out for the world~
    current favorites: Zelda True, Aurelia Ivy, Bellamy Pearl, Asher Icarus, Raiden Isaac, Vincent Kelsier (and counting)
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